Fri 26th August 2022

Launch of the PB Charter

Launch of the PB Charter

Join us for an in-room celebration on Tuesday 27 September 2022 to:

  • launch the PB Charter
  • explore the features of the Charter
  • network and share your PB experiences and learning
  • consider how we continue to shape and grow quality PB
  • join the PB Works Network

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Participatory Budgeting (PB) practice is continuing to develop and grow here, empowering local communities and supporting them to shape and have a genuine say in investment decisions in their areas. As our experience in PB grows it is important to consider and share what ‘good’ PB looks like.

Over the last two years with the support of TNLCF PB Works has been advocating for PB processes which put people in the lead. To ensure a focus on quality PB processes we have been learning from experience here and further afield and exploring what good PB looks like through a number of on-line and in-room PB Charter Workshops. This has brought together those who have been leading the way in PB practice here and helped us to think about what is different about PB and to consider some of the key aspects which we might want to see reflected in a PB Charter.

A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to shaping and co-creating the PB Charter. This in-room launch is an opportunity to celebrate how far we have come on our PB journey. There will be space to explore and discuss the content of the PB Charter and to network and share learning with others who have been trailblazing PB.

If you would like to contribute to the event to share your PB story or have videos or other resources that you would like to share please contact Louise O'Kane The workshop will close with Lunch at 12 noon. For more information on PB Works and Putting People in the Lead through Quality PB contact Louise O'Kane