Mon 5th March 2018

Belfast Programme Participatory Budgeting Works Project

The Participatory Budgeting Works Project is a collaborative effort to raise awareness of and advocate for Participatory Budgeting (PB) across the region. For those who are interested in developing a PB project expert training and support can be provided. The project is co-ordinated by Community Places and includes a range of organisations from the public, community and voluntary sector working together to create an enabling and supportive environment for Participatory Budgeting. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund through The Building Change Trust.

How you can get involved in the PB Works Project

  • Attend one of the regional awareness raising events
  • Apply for tailored training and support to develop a PB project in your area
  • Host or attend any of the four thematic PB masterclasses e.g. Online PB Engagement
  • Join the PB Works Network and contribute ideas and share learning
  • Visit for information and resources
  • Resource a PB project in your area

What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting can be described as “Local People deciding how to allocate part of a public budget.” It is a way for citizens to have a direct say in how public funds are used to address local needs. Participatory Budgeting originated in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1989. After a military dictatorship public resources were running dry and democracy needed to be done differently. By 2001 more than 100 cities in Brazil had implemented Participatory Budgeting. It is now practised in over 3,000 cities worldwide.

Participatory Budgeting can be used to allocate spending from a range of sources including: Local Councils; Housing Associations; Schools; Public Health Trusts; Police; Community Safety Partnerships; Social Enterprises; Trusts and Charities. Participatory Budgeting is much more than just deciding how resources are allocated. It provides opportunities to engage in non-traditional ways that reach out to people who don’t often have a voice and it can become a celebration of positive action in the community.

Participatory Budgeting Works Project Launch

Democracy Day Crescent Arts Centre Belfast - 14 March 2018, 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm

1.30pm Registration - Tea and Coffee PB Works Group
2.00pm Welcome – PB Works Project Louise O’Kane, Community Places
2.10pm Introduction to Participatory Budgeting Jez Hall, PB Partners
2.40pm Learning from Participatory Budgeting Practice – Experience from Scotland Lorna Ahlquist, Argyll and Bute
2.55pm Learning from Local Participatory Budgeting Practice – Triangle Housing Association Denise Magill, Director of Support Services, Triangle Housing Association
3.10pm Table Discussion – Collect One Question from each table PB Works Group
3.25pm Participatory Budgeting Mock Exercise – practical application Jez Hall, PB Partners
4.00pm Plenary Discussion - How could you apply PB? Questions and Ideas from Participants? All and Jez Hall, PB Partners
4.20pm PB Works Training and Support Offer Louise O’Kane, Community Places
4.30pm End and Networking – Members of PB Works Project and PB Partners available to discuss potential PB Projects PB Works Group and PB Partners