supporting Quality PB


About the PB Charter

As each PB process is unique, the purpose of the Charter is to offer guiding points to support you to plot and navigate your own PB course.

The Charter has been developed to:

  • ensure local communities are at the heart of every PB process
  • highlight the features of what ‘good’ PB looks like
  • provide clarity on what to expect of a PB process
  • support the planning and design of quality PB processes
  • support the reflection on and improvement of PB practice

Who is the PB Charter for?

The Charter is for anyone who is planning, designing, supporting or taking part in a PB process.

How was the PB Charter developed?

The Charter has been developed and shaped through a number of online and in-room workshops with people who have been doing PB across the region. Thank you to everyone who shared their experience and participated in shaping the content of the Charter.

The Charter presents 9 key features to support quality PB

  • Tailored
  • Supported
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent
  • Building Relationships
  • Empowering
  • Celebration of Shared Action
  • Reflect and Learn
  • Commitment

Applying the PB Charter

Two resource worksheets have been developed to support you to apply the charter when planning and designing a PB process and when reflecting on the quality of PB achieved.

Worksheet 1:

Planning and Designing for Quality PB


Worksheet 2:

Reflecting on the Quality of PB Achieved